Updating two tables in oracle

In June 2003, Oracle made a billion bid in a hostile corporate takeover attempt. Federal judge, who found that the Justice Department had not proven its anti-trust case.

Although such issue arose back in 2015, the risk level doesn’t decrease nowadays.

News reports show that People Soft breaches actually happen. For example, in March 2013, Salem State University in Massachusetts alerted 25 000 students and employees that their Social Security Numbers might have been compromised in a database breach.

Complicating Oracle's takeover attempt was People Soft's poison pill, allowing their customers to potentially receive refunds of 2-5x the amount they had paid in the case of a takeover. Though Oracle had reduced its offer to $7.7 billion in May, it again raised its bid in November to $9.4 billion.

In December 2004, Oracle announced that it had signed a definitive merger agreement to acquire People Soft for approximately $10.3 billion.

All organizations that use People Soft (including companies specialized in charity, food, manufacturing, retail, transport, etc.) stay vulnerable to Token Chpoken and other interventions if do not pay due attention to security.

This tutorial covers using the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Administration Tool ( to build, modify, enhance, and manage an Oracle BI repository.The Physical layer defines the data sources to which Oracle BI Server submits queries and the relationships between physical databases and other data sources that are used to process multiple data source queries.The recommended way to populate the Physical layer is by importing metadata from databases and other data sources.Additionally, you can create objects in the Physical layer manually.When you import metadata, many of the properties of the data sources are configured automatically based on the information gathered during the import process.Thus People Soft Enterprise One became JD Edwards Enterprise One and People Soft World became JD Edwards World.


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