proximity dating device - Updating a bathroom

Click here for the step by step tutorial- How I Added Wood and Molding Around the Plain Mirrors The part of the makeover that took the most thought was installing the board and batten.

Lots of things to think about – how far apart I wanted the boards, thick or thin boards, how many obstacles I had to work around, how high etc.

I can just imagine personalizing them when guests come.

If you are looking around your home for simple renovations that could give your home value a face lift, don't overlook the bathroom, especially if you have pink tile and a baby blue toilet. Even if you're not looking to sell, it's nice to feel like you're living in the current decade.

This budget bathroom makeover project started when I thought we were going to move.

I haven’t been able to redecorate like I used to before my hubby was laid off from his job 2 years ago.

I went to Plan B which was to wrap the decorative front over the front edge of the tub so the shower curtain rod could stay where it was.

Click here for the full step by step tutorial- How I Added Decorative Molding Around The Tub Next I moved on to give the existing mirrors a bit of style.

It turned into a long term fix, time to get it right.

I think the new mirrors are my favorite part of the makeover.

Living in limbo and not knowing what tomorrow will bring is not an ideal way to live.

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