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This law requires states to implement a sex offender and crimes against children registry.

This puts the responsibility on the states and gives birth to the National Sex Offender Public Registry.

Megan’s Law amends/updates the Jacob Wetterling Act.

It requires states to establish a community notification system in addition to maintaining an offender database registry.

On Friday July 29, 1994, 7-year old Megan Nicole Kanka disappeared.

With the promise of a puppy, her neighbor, Jesse Timmendequas, lured her into his home where he raped, strangled and suffocated her.

Since the information source is each individual state, that makes each state responsible for its own registry and for determining what level of sex offenders they want to include in their database registry.

For this reason, the type of information included in each state’s registry may differ from other states, but all of them usually include high-risk sexual offenders/predators.

Her body was stuffed into a plastic toy chest and dumped in a nearby park.

Megan had been killed by a two-time registered sex offender who lived across the street from the Kanka home and was sharing his house with two other convicted sex offenders, he met in prison.

For example, one state may limit public disclosure over its web site of information concerning offenders who have been determined to be high-risk, while another state may provide for wider disclosure of offender information but make no representation as to risk level of specific offenders.

The Jacob Wetterling Crimes against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act is passed as part of the Federal Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

Megan’s Law mandates that every state develop a working procedure for notifying its residents of sex offenders residing there.


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