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pollution) rise dramatically, for example in terms of mortality (6.2%, in infants 4.0%) or chronic bronchitis in adults (11.7%).“Air pollution is a cause of premature deaths - we want people and decision-makers to understand how we calculate the actual numbers of those deaths and other health consequences of air pollution, as well as their actual cost to our society", says Vlatka Matkovic Puljic, Health and Energy Officer for the Balkan region at HEAL.

Breast Cancer UK - Physical activity and cancer (guest blog) ELF - Possible new route for asthma treatment discovered IEW - Latest news from Fédération Inter-Environnement Wallonie Generations Futures - Seven French celebrities discover their contamination from endocrine disruptors EPHA - Unhealthy CETA Publications Joint publication: The Unhealthy Side Effects of CETA Open letter to Members of REACH Committee on D4D5, phthalates, and nanoforms Letter to the EP Environment Committee - EDCs: One more way CETA endangers public health and the environment Events March 1-2 March, Brussels, Belgium: European Parliament Plenary 13-16 March, Strasbourg, France: European Parliament Plenary April 3-6 April, Strasbourg, France: European Parliament Plenary 7 April: World Health Day 26-27 April, Brussels, Belgium: European Parliament Plenary 28 April: World Day for Safety and Health at Work Take Action #Stop Glyphosate ECI. Help us spread the word about fossil fuels subsidies and get involved in ‘Choose Health, End Fossil Fuel Subsidies’.

Sum Of Us petition to reject Commission proposal on EDCs criteria.

This follows the publication of an AIM Declaration on Endocrine Disrupting Compounds. European Citizens’ Initiative to ban glyphosate launched Health and environment groups met in Brussels and other European cities earlier this month to launch a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to ban glyphosate. Pesticide Action Week 2017 As Spring approaches, the 12th edition Pesticide Action week to which HEAL is a partner, will take place from 20 – 30 March 2017.

The goal is to collect at least one million signatures from Europeans and submit the petition before the Commission’s next move to renew, withdraw or extend the EU licence of glyphosate. Call to implement Better Regulation principles in EU action on EDCs The EDC-Free Europe coalition and the Green 10 call on the First Vice-President of the European Commission to implement Better Regulation principles in EU action on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). This annual and international event aims to promote alternatives to pesticides to improve the environment and health. New report shows coal plant closures needed by 2030 to meet Paris targets The European Climate Foundation’s partner, Climate Analytics has published an important report on what needs to happen to meet Europe’s goal of phasing out by 2030 to meet climate goals. New HEAL campaign: Choose Health - End Fossil Fuel Subsidies HEAL has launched a new campaign focused on health as a driver to accelerate the end of fossil fuel subsidies. HEAL as jury member in European fossil fuel subsidies awards campaign As many governments prefer not talk about or even hide the fact that they are funding fossil fuels, these awards aim to put these subsidies in the spotlight and increase pressure to phase them out.

This new interview suggests that either an announcement of a release date or that HTC Vive units may be available to buy on December 8th this year in the US, UK and Germany.

This limited availability does chime with an earlier confirmation from HTC that initial shipments of the Lighthouse tracked virtual reality system may initially be limited in scope and number, with a full push coming early in 2016.

Petition is also available in French, Spanish, and in German.

Become a supporter of the EDC-Free Europe coalition!

You can find the Unpaid Health Bill, for which HEAL used the methodology, on our website here.


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