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This will take a load off your conscience, and may perhaps mend the relationship by bringing your concerns to light. I’ve gone out of my way to avoid it to the point that I’d just take it if someone was treating me disrespectfully or wasn’t taking me into account. A few years ago, I called up my ex-best-friend that I had stopped talking to a couple years prior, and apologized for abruptly ending the relationship without explanation.

If things don’t improve from your talk, then you’ve at least addressed it and given it a second chance. I see this as a flaw that keeps me in situations I don’t need to be in, and I owe much of my happiness this past year to the fact that I have gotten better at dealing with confrontation and communication. She accepted the apology and told me how much it had hurt her, and that she didn’t think our friendship could ever be the same.

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Severing the ties with someone makes room for more positive people to come into your life, and allows you more time to nurture the true friendships you have. How I recommend you handle the situation is having the balls to voice your feelings to the friend you’re having trouble with. They could be completely unaware of the way they’re behaving or that it affects you negatively.

By taking this approach, of you are able to look at the friendship and see if it’s worth trying to save.

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