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Njega nije bilo, a ja sam postajala sve nervoznija i nervoznija.

Sex preko mom 09-76

After that it becomes more musky, without loosing much of its previous characteristics and remains like that for 2 maybe 3 more hours.

It's feminine, clean but not soapy, it is kind of familiar and some may say "safe", lasts quite long, projects mostly moderately.

I liked this one and without much thinking I added a bottle in my basket.

The first spray is kind of sharp green, but it takes 2 minutes to mellow into a soft flowery, green, slightly woody scent for about the next 4 hours.

You get compliments of how good you smell,and people actually ask what the perfume is,when someone does that you know you are onto a winner.

I love the atomiser sprayer it gives so much when you apply it that you need not apply more than 2 on the pulse points at the neck.

Odgovorila sam mu da mi svrsi jer tako najvise volim... Bilo je to prosle godine na leto, kada sam otisla kod najbolje drugarice na selo.

Stavio ga je u mene, a posto je bio jako uspaljen rekao mi je da bi mogao vec da svrsi.

Primetio je i on mene, ali smo se u tom trenutku samo zaobisli.

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