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Indbydelsesskrift til Reformationsfesten den 14 de November Kjøbenhavn: J.

Förhandlingar skandinaviska Naturforskare och Läkere, Göteborg år 1839, 47 pp.

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Geologiska Föreningens i Stockholm Förhandlingar 39(4), Stockholm: Geological Society of Sweden.

1976: Zonierung von Mollusken und Schill im Rinnensystem der Kieler Bucht (Westliche Ostsee). Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab Biologiske Meddelelser II(3), 139 pp.

The Subarctic Boreal Lusitanian species count one polyplacophor: Tonicella marmorea; one gastropod: Buccinum undatum; and two bivalves: Mytilus edulis and Macoma balthica. During that year and the following years the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) has supplied me with all the facilities needed for the research.

This demonstrates in the best way the Boreo-Arctic impact around B. ( 14 C years) in the shallow-water environment characterised by Zirfaea crispata and Mytilus edulis the former giving name to the deposits of that time in Vendsyssel. The support of both these institutions is greatly appreciated.

1920: Om den marine Molluskfauna ved Vestkysten af Island.

1937: Contributions to the animal ecology of the fjords of Angmagssalik and Kangerdlugssuaq in East Greenland. Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse Årbog 1973, Bertelsen, E. 1974: Stratigraphy of Quaternary deposits in the Skærumhede II boring: lithology, molluscs and foraminifera. Dansk Geologisk Forening Årsskrift 1976, Bondesen, P. (eds): Sublittoral ecology: the ecology of the shallow sublittoral benthos, Oxford, UK: Clarendon. 1828: Kort Efterretning om en zoologisk Rejse til det nordligste Jylland i Sommeren Tidsskrift for Naturvidenskaberne V, Kjøbenhavn: Andreas Seidelin. 1955: Stratigraphy of the marine Late- Pleistocene of Billefjorden, Vestspitsbergen. For the last third, the majority (11 out of 17) are also recorded only from the Holocene. Petersen bottom community concept step by step in the seven stages from the Eemian to the Subatlantic within the seven regions in the Danish realm.


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