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Your profile can be supplemented with a gallery of photos, video messages, and voice recordings.

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It's a good choice for people who've recently moved to a new area and are seeking to make new friends there and to keep abreast of local events, parties and interesting places to visit.

The main down-side is that those people who don't live in a major city may find their area isn't listed. Metrodate is free dating and social site with activity groups for many major cities and towns.

Originally a fee-based site, they redefined themselves offering free membership to all.

This includes the ability to access the entire set of features, including the ability to message and chat directly with other members.

To change to a different location, simply use the selector shown on the page.

Having the availability to cross-link all of their cities is helpful especially for those who are planning to travel or investigate an alternative area.

Use caution when surfing through the many profiles.

A direct lookup is also provided, should you already know the username of the person you're trying to find.

You can browse through profiles before fully completing your own.

However, after browsing I found many profiles weren't filled out with much detail.

It isn't stated if the profiles are monitored, but from the content of some, it looks like they are not.

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