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The detailed description here provided covers the system, the parameters identified and the testing procedure; it also includes the technical specifications of the hardware, the features introduced in the updated version of the software and the application of the system in clinical practice.The comparison of the technical considerations and clinical results with the updated literature confirmed the system’s optimal ergonomics, good reproducibility and clinical reliability.

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We also report on the use of “positional features”, a novel type of feature intended to aid in the automatic annotation of texts in which the instances of a given concept may be hypothesized to systematically occur in specific areas of the text.

We present experiments on a dataset of mammography reports in which the proposed ensemble is shown to outperform a traditional, single-stage CRFs system in two different, applicatively interesting scenarios.

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A screenshot displaying a mammographic report automatically annotated according to the nine concepts of interest.

The screenshot depicts the interface of the GATE system, which the two human annotators have used for manually annotating the reports.► Automated information extraction from radiology reports is studied.

The main purpose of this article was to describe in detail, from the perspective of the clinical end user, a previously presented non-invasive methodology, applied in the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injury, in which inertial sensors are used to quantify the pivot shift test.

The outcomes obtained and relative considerations were compared with findings emerging from a review of the relevant updated literature.

► Experiments are run on a dataset of radiological reports.


  1. The thin, dark part of each ring represents slow autumn and winter growth.

  2. Its an excellent player with a tone that will cover a wide range of Gibson and Fender tones. More than just the rackmount version of the original POD, the POD Pro had much more features including double the number of amp models (32), cabinet models can be changed from front panel, manual mode (instead of presets) is handy for many players as it's the what-you-see-is-what-you-get mode where all the tones are reflected by knob positions. In addition to the 1/4" input and stereo outs of the original Pod, the Pro features a line-level input, an unprocessed output, a TRS stereo effects loop, balanced XLR outputs, two flavors of digital outputs (S/PDIF and AES/EBU), and a digital clock input.

  3. USB flash drives draw power from the computer via the USB connection.

  4. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

  5. Using vacuum pumps and melting chambers, researchers are able to extract the ancient air contained within these bubbles and study the chemical compositions of the ancient atmosphere.

  6. I believe he did so because he did not realize I had the phone records for the year because I did not go into a lot of detail about what I found.

  7. Mean prices in 2016: All housing units: 0,660; Detached houses: 2,631; Townhouses or other attached units: 4,500; In 2-unit structures: 5,395; In 3-to-4-unit structures: 7,014; In 5-or-more-unit structures: 9,580; Mobile homes: ,460Recent home sales, real estate maps, and home value estimator for zip codes: 27601, 27603, 27604, 27605, 27606, 27607, 27608, 27609, 27610, 27612, 27613, 27614, 27615, 27616, 27617. Nearest cities: Garner, NC (2.9 miles ), Knightdale, NC (3.0 miles ), Cary, NC (3.0 miles ), Morrisville, NC (3.2 miles ), Rolesville, NC (3.5 miles ), Wake Forest, NC (3.6 miles ), Apex, NC (3.6 miles ), Holly Springs, NC (3.9 miles ). Jones, Alexei Krindatch, Richie Stanley and Richard H.

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