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It's always a good idea to look at sample letters and resumes to get ideas for your own job search materials.

Take a look at our collection of resume, cv, and letter samples. Use the job search engine sites to search the major job boards, company sites, associations, and other sites with job postings for you - fast.

All the major job sites have search agents and some websites and apps specialize in sending announcements. Consider getting professional help writing or editing your resume.

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That way you can change the content to match the requirements of the job you're applying for, but, the contact information and your opening and closing paragraphs won't need to be changed.

Microsoft Word users can download free templates for resumes, cover letters and email messages which can be personalized for your own correspondence.

This tip isn't a time saver, but, it will broaden your online job search resources.

Don't limit your job searching to the top sites like Monster or Career Builder.

Plus, you can promote your candidacy using the social media tools that are readily available for free for job seekers and companies are increasingly using social media for recruiting.

Here's how to get started with social networking.Have a voice mail system in place and sign-up for a professional sounding email address.Consider getting a separate email account to use for your job search, so you can stay organized.Print a copy of your reference list and bring it with you to interviews. Be cognizant of the fact that many, if not most, job openings aren't advertised.Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a good way to get job listings before they are listed elsewhere.Check the smaller niche sites that focus on a particular geographic location or career field and you will find plenty of job listings.


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