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We read one study that uses a chemical vapor deposit assisted by microwave plasma.

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Modern cars have also used it as a source of gauge lighting from Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet and many others.

When looking at electroluminescent paint, it makes you wonder what all you could create.

In some cases it works kind of like a light-emitting diode except the material is doped to form a p-n junction, which is the boundary between two types of semiconductor materials are.

The p-type material is where the anode is and the n-type is where the cathode is and when electricity is passed through it emits light as the electrons pass through the holes of the semiconductor materials.

The technology is even making its way to clothing with the use of EL wire and flexible EL labels for public safety.

EL light also maintains the same brightness from all view angles and is not a negative resistant device is also a plus.Restored and Rare Kawasaki KM90 1977 New parts fitted are: Handle bars Grips Levers Switch gear Cables Indicators Battery Used parts are: Front and rear mudguards Seat with handbook still under seat from USA in mint condition Powder coated frame Polished engine castings Tank has be sealed inside and repainted with correct decals and clear coated over (excellent paint job) Wheel rims have some small scratches but are excellent A very unusual bike and well worth the hours spent restoring it.________________________________________________________________ If you're looking for the perfect Kawasaki KM90 – 1977 for sale then take a look at the hundreds of restored classic motorcycles listed on our extensive Motorcycles For Sale pages.Therefore, after installing new mirrors or handlebars, and before operating the motorcycle, check to ensure that the mirrors provide the operator a clear view to the rear. i double checked the connections are all tight and correct. i contacted a dealer and was just told HD mirrors on and HD bike and they should work.^^^^^CLICK ON PIC TO VIEW^^^^^ Beautiful addition to the bike. Not a direct install for the XG, lots of customization and wire chasing/tapping, the single lead-frame ground design was a challenge to over come but worth it. Hi Walkerkc88, There are a couple of reasons why a part may not be recommended fitment: 1) Testing could not be completed prior to printing of the catalog – Always check for the latest fitment information.Sold in pairs, and offered in chrome or satin black with included hardware for easy bolt-on installation • P/N 5188 – Chrome, P/N 5189 – Satin Black.


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