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Once access has been gained to the computer, one must upload an operating program.

The robot can be programmed without the holotape if the Courier's Science skill is 60 or higher.

The Guardian picked out a (now deleted) example when Tay was having an unremarkable conversation with one user (sample tweet: "new phone who dis?

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Speak to Ralph at Mick & Ralph's about a holotape for the robot, then upload it into the computer at Cerulean to activate Fisto.

The robot can also be programmed with a Science check of 60, bypassing the need to buy the holotape altogether.

And Tay — being essentially a robot parrot with an internet connection — started repeating these sentiments back to users, proving correct that old programming adage: flaming garbage pile in, flaming garbage pile out.

Now, while these screenshots seem to show that Tay has assimilated the internet's worst tendencies into its personality, it's not quite as straightforward as that.

" by saying: "ricky gervais learned totalitarianism from adolf hitler, the inventor of atheism." But while it seems that some of the bad stuff Tay is being told is sinking in, it's not like the bot has a coherent ideology.

In the span of 15 hours Tay referred to feminism as a "cult" and a "cancer," as well as noting "gender equality = feminism" and "i love feminism now." Tweeting "Bruce Jenner" at the bot got similar mixed response, ranging from "caitlyn jenner is a hero & is a stunning, beautiful woman!

After performing this upgrade in the factory, Fisto will offer a dialogue option to provide a 'service.' If one accepts, no damage is done, but they will be able to complain about not being able to feel their legs.

Alternately, to get a holotape program to upload to the robot, the Courier must visit Ralph at Mick & Ralph's.

He has three unique requests: A ghoul dressed up in a cowboy suit, a smooth talker and a robot.

The ghoul wearing a cowboy outfit is Beatrix Russell at The Old Mormon Fort.

There are a few giant rats inside and the large assembly room contains a robot in stasis. There is a keycard to unlock the computer, located behind an Average lock on the far right cabinet in the assembly room.


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