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Museo Galileo has been enhancing and promoting the dissemination of scientific culture for many years.

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In 2004, a Digital Library was created to preserve and publish digital collections of historical scientific interest.

Aware of the growing importance of information and communication technologies, Museo Galileo started its own Multimedia Lab in 1991.

Museo Galileo carries out research and documentation in the history of science and technology, as well as in the field of preservation and improvement of museum collections.

The Library’s book collection and a number of online resources are available to scholars.

Among the most important exhibitions in Italy and the world: Renaissance Engineers: From Brunelleschi to Leonardo da Vinci; The Mind of Leonardo: The Universal Genius at Work; The Medici and Science; Galileo’s Telescope: The Instrument that Changes the World; Galileo: Images of the Universe from Antiquity to the Telescope; Vinum Nostrum: Art, Science and Myths of Wine in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures; Archimedes: The Arte and Science of Invention.

Museo Galileo publishes historical scientific works and two journals, which are Nuncius: Journal of the Material and Visual History of Science, and Galilaeana, devoted to research about the figure, work and scientific findings of Galileo Galilei.It was inaugurated just four hundred years after the publication in March 1610 of Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius (The Starry Messenger), the booklet that revolutionized mankind’s conception of the universe, decisively contributing to the advent of modern science.The museum features the valuable scientific instruments from the Medici Collections which were first displayed in the Stanzino delle Matematiche (Mathematics Room) in the Uffizi Gallery.The Lab produces offline and online interactive applications related to the dissemination and documentation of both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.It also creates digital archives for historical scientific research.All of the library’s material can be searched on the online catalogue.

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