Dating site based on breast size

Mikeyou wish you could chance asking someone more intimate things. Unfortunately, enough females must be answering the question and that encourages males to keep doing it. He forgot why he came to talk in the first place, for his mind already carried him away from talking to YOU to looking at your boobs in a totally different manner. read a few posts up and you have women that advertize it! But obviously Your attracted to all the wrong type?

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A C cup is also the most frequently asked for size among patients, one doctor revealed. Gilbert Lee, a cosmetic surgeon at Changes Plastic Surgery told “The prevailing tendency for breast augmentation today is for a smaller, more natural augmentation.”The best breast shape according to Britons has been revealed.

A survey asked 1100 UK men and women what their ideal mammary measurements were across all six regions of the UK, with some surprising results.

I know most parents have their heads in the sand about such issues.

So if you are a man and have daughters and they are online and a guy asks them this question, what would you instruct them to do??? So why is it acceptable to say such a thing to an adult woman?

However, age is also a factor in the sort of breasts Britons prefer.

Sixteen to 20 year-olds have an ideal of an athletic-shaped chest whereas those who are over 60 like their bosoms 'relaxed'.

However, a C cup is the perfect size, according to a recent survey.

However the average bra size is a 36DD today, up from a 34B in the 60s.

You never hear of woman asking their penis size within five minutes of a conversation.

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