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It is always difficult to see someone we care so much for and who we are accustomed to seeing full of energy and with that constant infectious smiling face, bed ridden as Father Michael is now.

However, the visits we are making to the hospital are the highlights of Farther Michael's day - it so evident in his eyes and the smile on his face when you walk into the room.

John’s Church, Lunenburg, NS ---------------------------------------------------------------- Update On Michael's Health Dear Parishioners, From the day that Michael's medical team opened up the opportunity of visitations for Father Michael, the response from friends and parishioners has been heart warming.

In looking back over the Visitors Guest Book, on many days there are any where from 1 to 4 or more who come in to pay respects and visit Michael.

So we would encourage you to continue as it is not only critical for Michael's health, both physical and psychological, but it also provides Holly with a much needed respite knowing that when she is not in the hospital Michael continues to have his social contact with others.

As a reminder, Michael's room is on the second floor in the Veterans Unit of the Fishermen's Memorial Hospital.

Please check in at the nurses station in the Unit and they will let you know if it is OK to visit.

There is also a "Visitors Guest Book" in Michael's room, so please sign in and write whatever comments you feel are appropriate.

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