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A recent Pew study puts the median age for a first child among highly educated women at 30, and one million millennial women (born between 19) are becoming mothers each year in America.

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“We’re all in that early- to mid-30s life shift,” is how Kate Sheppard, with a 20-month-old son, describes the leaders of Huff Post’s Washington, D. “Any company that wants to employ millennials needs to address this,” says Laura Wides-Muñoz, mother of a 7- and an 8-year-old and vice president of special projects and editorial strategy at Fusion.

She’s seen a wave of new parents enter her workplace.

Increasingly, journalists are asking questions about how their own newsrooms and the industry at large can do better at creating policies that specifically support parents.

Rebecca Ruiz asked journalists to report on the family-friendliness of their newsrooms for the Poynter Institute, and Melody Kramer, also for Poynter, has surveyed newsrooms’ family leave policies.

There’s some hope this could change in the near future—in the 2018 budget, President Trump included a proposal for six weeks of paid leave for all new mothers, fathers, and adoptive parents—but the current reality is far from ideal.

And while my son’s health crises weren’t typical, there is not a parent on the planet who hasn’t dealt with some kind of acute stress, whether it’s a sleepless baby, colic, or the inability to find reliable and affordable childcare.

In contrast to even 10 years ago, she’s noticed these staffers have often been more upfront about their parenting realities and more vocal about their desire for better policies. In the conversation about how to create more diversity and gender balance in newsrooms, one group has been routinely ignored: mothers.

What are newsrooms doing to retain women who have or plan to have children, to make sure more women stay in the talent pipeline?

e’re having a bit of a baby boom,” says Lauren Williams, executive editor of and the mother of an 18-month-old.

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